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Schemes can be downloaded automatically by Flowgorithm.

However, if you like, you can also download all the color schemes in one zip file. Color schemes can be dragged and dropped onto the application.

Please click the link below:

Created a Scheme?

If you created a color scheme, and would like to see it on the site, please send it to

Computers & Technology


Movies & Television

Science Fiction & Comics

Harry Potter


And more...

  • 300
    This is programming! This is Sparta!
  • Alice in Wonderland
    The colors from the tea party in Disney's 1951 classic. Happy un-birthday!







Retro Software

Retro Games

Operating Systems

And more...

  • Hamster Dance
    An early website that showed the World that the Internet can be silly.
  • Spyware
    The ugly colors of ugly software (that shall not be named).
  • Winamp

Retro Computers