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While Statement


The Main Function marks the beginning of the execution of the program. The exact syntax of this function can very greatly betweeen programmings languages. Sometimes, the block of statements are left outside function definitions and, other times, the parameters of the Main Function differ from the rest of the program.

Java Example
Text = public static void main(String[] args) {{
= -->BLOCK | | 1
= }

Text Key

The text key is used to generate the syntax of the Output Statement.


The first and last flags can be used if the syntax differs for the first or last statement in the block.

None (except Global Flags)

To insert the While Statement's block, use a single line containing the following special codes. If you want to change the indentation of the block, make sure to specify the indent after the second pipe |.

Special value What it does
-->BLOCK Inserts the code generated from the function's block.