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Download Flowgorithm

Windows Installer

The following contains the Windows Installer for Flowgorithm. It is highly recommended that you select this option.

Flowgorithm 3.5.1
Windows 64-bit Installer (Recommended)

Executable Only

However, if you need the executable only, then use the link below. Note: file types will not be registered.

Flowgorithm 3.5.1
Windows 64-bit. Executable Only


Example Programs

There are more example programs on the Documentation page.

Roberto Atzori's Programs

Robert Atzori has created a huge, excellent, repository of Flowgorithm programs. His programs implement some incredible (and useful) algorithms. The site is available in English and Italian.

Click here to visit his site.


Old Version of Flowgorithm

Flowgorithm 2.30

The following are links to older versions of Flowgorithm. The new version can load (and save) files in Version 2's format.

Flowgorithm 2.30
Windows 64-bit Installer


Flowgorithm 2.30
Windows 32-bit installer (Windows 7 & older)


Color Schemes


More Schemes

Revision History

For a list of changes in this version of Flowgorithm, please select the link below. 

Please clickhere for a full list of changes.

For System Administrators

If you are System Administrator, the following page contains information on how Flowgorithm uses the Windows Registry. You can set global defaults for all users.

Please click here for the documentation.