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Function Header


Some programming languages require functions to be declared at the beginning of a program. This is the case with Pascal and C++.

Function Header section uses the text generated from the Parameter section. It is also used by Function section.

C++ Example
[Function Header]
Text = {type} {name}({parameters}); | return
= void {name}({parameters}); | ~return

Text Key

The text key is used to generate the syntax of the Function Statement.

Fields Contents
{Type} The return type of the function
{Name} The name of the function.
{Parameters} The text created by the [Parameter] section.
{Return} The name of the return variable.
Flags When True
declare The function has declared variables. This is useful if the target programming language requires a [Variable Header] (e.g. Pascal)
parameters The function has 1 or more parameters.
return The function returns a value.