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The arguments section is used to generate a list of parameters for use by the [Function] and [Function Header] sections.

Java Example
Separator = ,{space}
Text = {type} {name} | ~array
= {type}[] {name} | array

Separator Key

The Separator defines the text that will be inserted between the list of arguments names.


Text Key

The text key is used to generate the syntax of the argument list.

Fields Contents
{Type} The parameter's data type.
{Name} The name of the parameter.

The first and last flags can be used if the syntax differs for the first or last statement in the block.

Flags When True
integer The expression is an Integer.
real The expression is a Real.
boolean The expression is an Boolean.
string The expression is an String.
none The expression doesn't have a known type - i.e. not declared. This is good for a "default" syntax.
first The parameter is the first item in the list.
last The parameter is the last item in the list.